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Our Work

We are proud to have visited all 6 of secondary schools in the Iringa diocese of Tanzania. After achieving the goal of reaching all schools, we have begun to pursure the goal of providing as many students as possible with education and tools by visiting non-diocese secondary schools and local women's centers.

March 2024
Makwema Secondary School

115 kits were distributed at Makwema Secondary School to girls in Form 2 and Form 3. These were the students who hadn’t been educated in DfD’s earlier visit to Makwema this past February.

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March 2024

Nyamahania Parish

While only 27 kits were given out at Nyamahania, we learned a valuable lesson from this visit. Because it was planting season, a significant time for many families to cultivate their plots, only a few guests could take the time to come to our presentation. We are happy with the audience we were able to reach, and hope to go during a less busy time in the future.

February 2024

Idodi Secondary School

A total of 80 kits were given out at this presentation to students in Form 4. We have planned for a follow-up visit in April to distribute kits to other students. A total of 229 boys and girls were presented with the DfD education!

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February 2024
Mkwema Secondary School

Boys and girls of all ages were educated at Mkwema Government Secondary School at the beginning of the month. 112 kits were distributed to participants, and it was reported that all  students were eager to learn about what our team had to share!

January 2024
Image Secondary School

This was the final secondary school Dignity for Daughters had to visit in the Lutheran Diocese! The presentation went great, and 101 kits were distributed. However, only two of the four forms received kits, so there will be more trips in the future.

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December 2023

Matron Seminar

Our teaching staff had the opportunity to host a seminar for matrons in the area. These women are the primary caregivers for most students while they are living at school. We hope that they will spread this education the farthest!

November 2023

Mkulula Parish 

The Mkulula visit went very smoothly! There were two separate educations led by Natihaika, Aida, Anifa and Tuli. Our Director, Juli, and Strategic Planning Leader, Karen were overjoyed to attend.  


November 2023

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Pawaga Parish

The visit to Pawaga Parish was another all-day event! Aida educated a group of parents discussing child maturation and family relations. Tuli presented to the teenage girls (pictured here) while Anifa spoke with the teenage boys and Natihaika was with the children. Afterwards the pastor provided a meal to the entire community. Overall,  27 kits were given away and 11 were sold!

July 2023

Pommern Secondary School

Our visit to Pommern was the largest secondary school visited to date. Many kits were distributed to students. After hearing our presentation, the school hosted Dignity for Daughters for lunch before they began the journey back to Iringa Town. 

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July 2023

Bomalang'ombe Secondary School

We were greeted with waving branches and enthusiastic singing at Bomalang'ombe and later watched students proudly perform their school song. The Men Who Know presentation was so engaging that the gathering went over-time with questions and discussion!

July 2023

Ipalamwa Secondary School

Our visit to Ipalamwa was filled with enthusiasm despite the smaller crowd. A total of 46 kits were distributed to students. After hearing our presentation, the Ipalamwa matron requested additional kits for the female staff at the school, reinforcing the need for menstrual products in the region.


May 2023

Mtera Secondary School

In total 156 were distributed at Mtera but unfortunately, the presentation had to be cut short due to the students' testing schedule. We would like to return to complete the education, although the instructors were satisfied with the information they were able to share.

July 2022

Image Secondary School

Image is the second largest secondary school in the diocese, and for this reason we were only able to give kits to Forms 1 and 2. We hope that these will allow the students the longest amount of time to prevent absenteeism while using DfD kits.

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Impact Testimonies

Our Program Coordinator and summer intern had the opportunity to re-visit Mtera Secondary School to speak with students about the impact that Dignity for Daughters kits and education has had on their education.

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