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Dignity for Daughters is an organization created to provide Sexual and Reproductive Health education and reusable menstrual health kits to students attending secondary schools of the Iringa Lutheran Diocese of Tanzania. We believe that every girl has the right to menstrual health and education, which is essential for their physical and emotional well-being. Our team is committed to creating awareness about menstrual health and providing access to affordable and sustainable menstrual hygiene products. Together, we can break the silence and stigma surrounding menstruation and empower girls to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

Our History

 Dignity for Daughters had its beginnings when a need to promote sexual reproductive health education and menstrual equity for girls in the Iringa area was recognized.  A task force was formed by a few passionate volunteers in the US and the Iringa area. The DFD program was created to provide sexual reproductive health education for girls and boys and distribute reusable menstrual kits to the girls attending.  The kits are modeled after the Days for Girls template but are all sewn locally. Out first pilot program was presented in July 2022 to the Image Secondary school in Iringa. It was a great success.

20221007_Tanzania Mission Trip_IMG_9466.jpg

Our Values

Our vision is to create a self-sustaining enterprise in Tanzania by sourcing all materials locally and employing sewers from Iringa as opposed to importing services and materials from the United States.

"Every girl has the right to dignity and respect, and access to menstrual health education and products is crucial to achieving that."

Join Us in Empowering Girls

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